AquaOne Premium Ceramic Noodles

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AquaOne Premium Ceramic Noodles

AquaOne Premium Ceramic Noodles is a uniquely shaped Sintered glass media that can be used in all types of filtration systems, pressurised canister filter, hang on filters, internal filters and wet/dry filters just to name a few. It is suitable for for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

AquaOne PremiumNood's unique shape enures water traveling through your filtration system is channeled in all different directions. This optimises all of the filter media by distributing the waste and preventing patches of media becoming clogged. It is a premium filter media specially manufactured to be extremely porous. Subjected to extremely high temperatures, thousands of tunnels are created through it. These tunnels allow beneficial nitrifying bacteria that break down toxins naturally produced within a closed aquatic system to colonise in large numbers. Pollutants like Ammonia and Nitrite are broken down and converted to Nitrate which is less toxic to your aquatic pets and is easily removed with regular water changes. The larger the surface area is the quicker the bacteria can reproduce and remove pollutants from your aquarium.

300g suits upto 40litres

640g suits upto 90litres

1.2kg suits upto 170litres

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